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Currently, I am using the facilities at Blue Chip Academy in Oswego, Illinois but I am also available to train at a facility near you. At Blue Chip I have at my disposal many types of exercise equipment for strength and power development for any sport.

Blue Chip Academy Oswego, IL
A significant part of the training routines I develop for my athletes include isokinetic exercises. The two pieces of equipment I now use on a regular basis are the Leaper and the Mini-Gym. These advanced exercisers operate on a different principle than traditional approaches to strength training. The great advantage of the Leaper and Mini-Gym over other training aids or equipment is that in each rep the resistance matches the athlete's effort through the full range of motion, which is just not possible with weights whether you are talking loose weights or machines. By utilizing a centrifugal brake mechanism these isokinetic machines allow the athlete to work fast but safely through a full range of motion. Moreover, as the athlete fatigues with each rep, the Leaper and the Mini-Gym accommodates the lower force output with a matching reduced level of resistance. Another advantage of the Leaper and Mini-Gym is that they emphasize the concentric phase of an exercise. This is safer for an athlete because eccentric exercises (negative lifts), in which the muscle lengthens as it contracts, have been shown to cause more muscle injuries than concentric exercises in which the muscle shortens during contraction. Finally, my isokinetic equipment allows me to train athletes with a great deal of specificity. In other words, I am able to include many exercises which greatly mimic specific skills in a variety of sports.
I also use many other types of equipment in my training including bands. The facilities here at Blue Chip are in the early stages of development. We will soon be adding mats for wrestling, a hoop for basketball, video cameras so parents can view their athletes from home on the computer.





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